About the course

Essential Yoga For Kids is a video course for children aged 4 - 12 years old. The course is presented in a sincere yet high-spirited way. The lessons aid children's physical, mental and emotional development while providing an enjoyable learning experience. The course covers everything children need to know about Yoga to assist them in growing into mindful young adults.

What's included

This course provides children with life-changing knowledge and guidance. It includes a total of 20 video lessons plus lots of bonus content.

  • 12 x yoga lessons

  • 2 x meditation lessons

  • 2 x breathing lessons

  • 1 x relaxation lesson

  • 2 x positive mantra lessons

  • 57 x pose instruction videos

  • 1 x bonus "breathing for adults" lesson

  • English sub-titles on every lesson

  • 24 hour support from course creator Nathaniel

The Essential Yoga For Kids course is available today.

Clicking the photos below allows you to explore the curriculum and purchase either the mini-course or the full-course.

Make use of this course

  • At home

    Parents and guardians can guide younger kids through a physical education course in the comfort of the family home.

  • Self-learning

    This course is easy to navigate so that kids with basic computer skills are capable of accessing the lessons alone.

  • Schools and teachers

    The content is available for schools and teachers to utilize for group education by emailing us to enquire about multiple licenses.

Presented by

Course creator

Nathaniel Try

I'm an Australian man living in Thailand. I've been studying and teaching kids Yoga for over a decade. Predominantly I taught in Bangkok's top international schools where I had the privilege of helping children from all over the world. I created the Essential Yoga For Kids course to assist children in developing physically, mentally and emotionally. If you'd like to communicate with me before or after purchasing the course, please do so using the email link below or find other options via the contact page at the top of this site.


Yoga with Nat is fun!

by Aarti Saikia (Mother of two EYFK students)

"Yoga with Nat is a genuine space for children to learn and grow in their young bodies. Nat brings with him an engaging and positive energy, that is essential for children to have a deeper meaning of yoga as an art and a science."

Be sure your kids start learning Yoga!

by Romy Steffen (Mother of three EYFK students)

“For us, learning Yoga with Nat was more about becoming more mindful and teaching our kids a life skill. Through the different lessons I’ve noticed the kids have been given a tool to self-regulate their emotions. I wish I had these Yoga lessons when I was young!”

My daughter loves Yoga!

by Janine Yoong (Mother of one EYFK student)

"I wanted my daughter to start learning Yoga from a young age. At 10-years-old, this course is perfect for her. She's been doing home-schooling during the lockdowns so it's been a great way to get her doing something physical each day. The course is setup in an easy to follow way. I recommend it to other parents with young kids!"